ASAP: Prioritizing Attention via Time Series Smoothing
Kexin Rong, Peter Bailis
VLDB 2017 [demo] [blog] [talk] [slides] [code]

NoScope: Optimizing Neural Network Queries over Video at Scale
Daniel Kang, John Emmons, Firas Abuzaid, Peter Bailis, Matei Zaharia
VLDB 2017 [blog] [slides] [code]

HoloClean: Holistic Data Repairs with Probabilistic Inference
Theodoros Rekatsinas, Xu Chu, Ihab F Ilyas, Christopher Ré
VLDB 2017 [blog]

Mind the Gap: Bridging Multi-Domain Workloads with EmptyHeaded
Christopher R. Aberger, Andrew Lamb, Kunle Olukotun, Christopher Ré
VLDB 2017 (Demo)

DAWNBench: An End-to-End Deep Learning Benchmark and Competition
Cody Coleman, Deepak Narayanan, Daniel Kang, Tian Zhao, Jian Zhang, Luigi Nardi, Peter Bailis, Kunle Olukotun, Chris Ré, Matei Zaharia
Under Submission, 2017

Deep Learning at 15PF: Supervised and Semi-Supervised Classification for Scientific Data
Thorsten Kurth, Jian Zhang, Nadathur Satish, Ioannis Mitliagkas, Evan Racah, Mostofa Ali Patwary, Tareq Malas, Narayanan Sundaram, Wahid Bhimji, Mikhail Smorkalov, Jack Deslippe, Mikhail Shiryaev, Srinivas Sridharan, Prabhat, Pradeep Dubey
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis 2017

Stadium: A Distributed Metadata-Private Messaging System
Nirvan Tyagi, Yossi Gilad, Derek Leung, Matei Zaharia, Nickolai Zeldovich
SOSP 2017

Scalable Kernel Density Classification via Threshold-Based Pruning
Edward Gan, Peter Bailis
SIGMOD 2017 [talk] [slides] [code]

Demonstration: MacroBase, A Fast Data Analysis Engine
Peter Bailis, Edward Gan, and Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri
SIGMOD 2017 (Demo)

MacroBase: Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data
Peter Bailis, Edward Gan, Samuel Madden, Deepak Narayanan, Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri
SIGMOD 2017 Awarded “Best of SIGMOD 2017”. [code]

Snorkel: Fast Training Set Generation for Information Extraction
Alexander J. Ratner, Stephen H. Bach, Henry R. Ehrenberg, Christopher Ré
SIGMOD 2017 (Demo) [code] [coverage]

ShortFuse: Biomedical Time Series Representations in the Presence of Structured Information
Madalina Fiterau, Suvrat Bhooshan, Jason Fries, Charles Bournhonesque, Jennifer Hicks, Eni Halilaj, Christopher Ré, Scott Delp
Proceedings of the Machine Learning in Healthcare Conference 2017 [slides]

Flipper: A Systematic Approach to Debugging Training Sets
Paroma Varma, Dan Iter, Christopher De Sa, Christopher Ré
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Human-In-the-Loop Data Analytics 2017

Splinter: Practical Private Queries on Public Data
Frank Wang, Catherine Yun, Shafi Goldwasser, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Matei Zaharia
NSDI 2017 [coverage]

Inferring Generative Model Structure with Static Analysis
Paroma Varma, Bryan He, Payal Bajaj, Imon Banerjee, Nishith Khandwala, Daniel L. Rubin Rubin, Christopher Ré
NIPS 2017

Learning to Compose Domain-Specific Transformations for Data Augmentation
Alexander J. Ratner, Henry R. Ehrenberg, Zeshan, Hussain, Jared Dunmon, Christopher Ré
NIPS 2017 [blog] [code]

Gaussian Quadrature for Kernel Features
Tri Dao, Chris De Sa, Christopher Ré
NIPS 2017 Spotlight.

Understanding and optimizing asynchronous low-precision stochastic gradient descent
Christopher De Sa, Matthew Feldman, Christopher Ré, Kunle Olukotun
ISCA 2017

Plasticine: A Reconfigurable Architecture For Parallel Patterns
David Koeplinger, Raghu Prabhakar, Yaqi Zhang, Matt Feldman, Tian Zhao, Stefan Hadjis, Christos Kozyrakis, Kunle Olukotun
ISCA 2017

Learning the Structure of Generative Models without Labeled Data
Bryan He, Christopher M De Sa, Ioannis Mitliagkas, Christopher Ré
ICML 2017

Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data: Principles and Promise
Peter Bailis, Edward Gan, Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri
CIDR 2017

Weld: A common runtime for high performance data analytics
Shoumik Palkar, James J Thomas, Anil Shanbhag, Deepak Narayanan, Holger Pirk, Malte Schwarzkopf, Saman Amarasinghe, Matei Zaharia
CIDR 2017 [code]

YellowFin and the Art of Momentum Tuning
Jian Zhang, Ioannis Mitliagkas, Christopher Ré
AutoML Workshop at ICML 2017 [blog] [code]

There and Back Again: A General Approach to Learning Sparse Models
Vatsal Sharan, Kai Sheng Tai, Peter Bailis, Gregory Valiant
Arxiv Preprint, 2017


Emptyheaded: A relational engine for graph processing
Christopher R Aberger, Susan Tu, Kunle Olukotun, Christopher Ré
SIGMOD 2016 Awarded “Best of SIGMOD 2016”. [slides]

Predicting non-small cell lung cancer prognosis by fully automated microscopic pathology image features
Kun-Hsing Yu, Ce Zhang, Gerald J Berry, Russ B Altman, Christopher Ré, Daniel L Rubin, Michael Snyder
Nature Communications, 2016 [coverage]

Data Programming: Creating Large Training Sets, Quickly
Alexander J. Ratner, Christopher M. De Sa, Sen Wu, Daniel Selsam, Christopher Ré
NIPS 2016 [blog] [talk] [code] [coverage]

Scan order in Gibbs sampling: Models in which it matters and bounds on how much
Bryan He, Christopher M. De Sa, Ioannis Mitliagkas, Christopher Ré
NIPS 2016

Yggdrasil: An Optimized System for Training Deep Decision Trees at Scale
Firas Abuzaid, Joseph K Bradley, Feynman T Liang, Andrew Feng, Lee Yang, Matei Zaharia, Ameet S Talwalkar
NIPS 2016 [talk] [slides] [code]

Automatic generation of efficient accelerators for reconfigurable hardware
David Koeplinger, Christina Delimitrou, Raghu Prabhakar, Christos Kozyrakis, Yaqi Zhang, Kunle Olukotun
ISCA 2016 [slides]

Ensuring rapid mixing and low bias for asynchronous Gibbs sampling
Christopher De Sa, Kunle Olukotun, Christopher Ré
ICML 2016 Best Paper Award. [slides]

Old Techniques for New Join Algorithms: A Case Study in RDF Processing
Christopher R. Aberger, Susan Tu, Kunle Olukotun, Christopher Ré
ICDE Workshops 2016 [code]

Have abstraction and eat performance, too: Optimized heterogeneous computing with parallel patterns
Kevin J Brown, HyoukJoong Lee, Tiark Rompf, Arvind K Sujeeth, Christopher De Sa, Christopher Aberger, Kunle Olukotun
CGO 2016

Asynchrony begets momentum, with an application to deep learning
Ioannis Mitliagkas, Ce Zhang, Stefan Hadjis, Christopher Ré
Allerton 2016 [blog]

Generating configurable hardware from parallel patterns
Raghu Prabhakar, David Koeplinger, Kevin J Brown, HyoukJoong Lee, Christopher De Sa, Christos Kozyrakis, Kunle Olukotun